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Our Process

With Toybox, Growing is fun, sustainable, and efficient.

At Toyboxfarm, we are committed to revolutionizing agriculture through sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Our green farming process is designed to ensure the highest quality produce while minimizing environmental impact. Here’s how we make it happen:


Have You Ever Thought That You Will Never Need To Go To A Grocery Store For Buying Fresh Produce You Need In Your Kitchen, It Will Be A Walk To Your Backyard Instead. It Might Be One Of The Best Uses Of Your Space, All You Need Is A Spot In Your Backyard, Little Time, And Passion For Healthy Eating And Good Health. Imagine You Need A Cucumber, Or A Tomato, And You Go To Your Backyard, It Is There On The Vine For You To Pick And Use.


We Will Help Place Toy Box Farm In Your Backyard With All Necessary Accessories As Well As Saplings, Training, And Help Manage Your Venture. It Is Tested Product, That Will Be Able To Grow Your Produce In 4 To 5 Weeks Time From The Day We Put Sapling In Grow System, That Can Be Repeately Grown Around 8 Months In A Year. We Will Help Plan Your Grow Cycles Througout The Growing Time Of The Year And That In Turn Helps You Have A Plan In Place In Terms Of Reduction In Purchases From Stores, Provide You A Motivation To Grow In Order For You To Have Healthy Body And Mind. We Will Also Help Selling Additional Produce To Local Markets To Add Some Additional Income To Your Household.


Most Exciting One To See Your Food Actually Growing And Now Ready For Consumption In Your Own Backyard. This Feeling, Happiness, And Satisfaction Can Only Be Felt Once You Actually See Those Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Raddish, Carrot, Saplings For Your Summer Garden With Your Own Eyes In Your Own Back Yard. Your Surprise Would Multiply When You See All This Happening In A Very Easy And Playful Manner, As Simple As 123.

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Grow your own food, in your own garden

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Frequently Asked Questions

Toybox Grow is an Urban farming revolution that starts in your own backyard. Using cutting edge CEA (closed Environment Agriculture) techniques, and Cloud Enabled Monitoring, we enable you to grow 4x~5x faster, and in your own Greenhouse.
Absolutely, It is like a training course to grow your own food. We Not only help you setup, but also work with you each step of the way, till your first harvest.

While the exact costs depend on the type of Greenhouse, and growing technologies you select during the evaluation phase. 

It takes 8-10 weeks for your first harvest. We start growing in batches, ( think of a batch as a group of Urban Growers starting together)
A Motivated Mind, and some Cash! 😉 We supply the rest. A few things we start you off with include, a Greenhouse, CEA Kit, Growing medium, Growing starter kit, Subscription to our cloud Platform, and training.
We consider ourselves as mentors, motivators, vendors, supporters, and in some cases customers for your produce as well. We will work with you at each step of the process to make your Toy Box Farm to table journey a memorable journey.

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